Your E-Mail List is Your Online Business

Your E-Mail List is Your Online Business

by Jason

Your e-mail list IS your internet business …

* Your prospects that you're trying to sell to

* Your customers that you can sell to again and again

I'm reminded of the importance of list building by listening to Mike Filsaime speak on a recording today. I did not know it before, but he was the guy who actually coined the phrase "For every subscriber to your e-mail list, you should be able to make $ 1 per month."

Where's Your Focus?

Which brings me to this question … Where's your focus?

You might be a high roller internet marketer or blogger or not … If you're one of those guys who are struggling at this thing and you think it's impossible (even a scam), ask yourself, …

* How big is my e-mail list?

* How much time do I put into growing my list?

* How much time do I put into making sure my list is warm?

* How much time do I put into reworking my old auto-responder messages?

* How much time do I spend building a relationship with and giving to my list?

* Have I been doing all I can to drive traffic to my opt-in?

* Is my freebie good enough to ethically bribe a visitor into opt-in to my list?

* Do I ever study how to increase my opt-in conversion rate?

* Do I even have an auto-responder service like aweber?

In the recording this morning, I also heard Mike Filsaime say that if he had to start all over, the # 1 thing he would do first is focus on building and nurturing and squeezing every last pennies out of his e-mail list.

That's "The How and Why" You Make Money

This wisdom does not just come from studying marketing like a rabid squirrel.

The-money-is-in-the-list has also been my experience. The only money I made before I started my e-mail lists were through AdSense clicks. A few dollars here, a few dollars there. A prospect comes and goes (vanishing forever).

If you have an opt-in on your page, you can capture that visitor and make him / her a customer for life. Okay …

Besides having customers for life, prospects do not normally buy on the first look at a sales page. It generally takes up to 3 or more looks before a person buys. With an e-mail list, you can offer your product more than once and influence it to buy everything you can sell over the lifespan of your business.

Source by Jason S. Parker

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