Work At Home Opportunities – Are They For Real?

Work At Home Opportunities – Are They For Real?

by Jason

Like many people, you may have seen on the television, or read in the news from time to time, about entrepreneurs that are making a very good living working for themselves on the internet. To me, this seemed like 'the perfect job', after all, who would not want to earn great money while just sitting at home tapping a few keys on your computer right? To be honest, I dismissed the idea for quite some time, thinking to myself that it just was not possible OR if it was, it was only the few 'pioneers' who got involved from the earliest days that could make a living, or even become very wealthy.

Actually, I had no great ambitions to be seriously wealthy, At least to start with, I would be happy to just earn a reasonable living and tell my boss where to stick his job and kiss goodbye to the daily commute to my 9 to 5 job everyday, would not you? Or, if you're a mom or housewife would not it be great to earn some extra cash when you have a half half hour during your day?

The trouble is for most of us, we THINK about being able to do it, but we do not actually DO something about it and make it happen. In October 2004 I decided I was going to try and actually DO something about my situation. I started to look into the opportunities that were available for earning money online. (At this point, I should tell you that there is no such thing as 'getting rich quick' on the internet and anyone who tells you it's possible is LYING.)

I decided to have a go at 'affiliate marketing' – (selling other peoples products on the web in return for a commission). To cut a long story short, after some trial and error, (like any new business) by February 2005 I was learning enough to give up my day job. I was a bit apprehensive about this, after all was it going to continue? I have now come to realize that the internet is a VERY BIG PLACE and there are millions of people using it everyday. As a result, a whole new industry of work at home jobs is continuing to be created.

While my own expertise lies in affiliate marketing, I am also recommending paid surveys as an excellent way to earn money at home, as the number of people signing up for this kind of work is now HUGE. Also mystery shopping reads a mention as again, this appeals to many who would like to work for themselves but do not want to sit in front of the computer screen, or simply enjoy going out and getting paid for it!

Do check out all the opportunities mentioned here, you can make the living you have always wanted but you do need to take that FIRST STEP and invest in gaining the knowledge and information that is vital to start any new venture. Like any business, it takes time and effort and there is no doubt it was a steep learning curve, I only knew how to browse the web and send and receive emails before I started! however, if you are determined to work for yourself, from home, YOU CAN MAKE IT POSSIBLE, and that's the reason I created this site, so that others can hopefully enjoy the same success and independence that I now enjoy.

I'm not rich, but I earn a good living, have more time for myself and my family, and enjoy NOT HAVING A BOSS and WORKING MY OWN HOURS FROM HOME!

I wish you all the best in achieving that same goal!

Source by Mark Graham

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