Which are the jobs that make the most money?

by Jason

The economy worldwide is getting from bad to worse. Jobs are being cut at accelerating rates, unemployment is at an all time high. Even professionals with high qualifications and many years of working experience alo face the prospect of getting laid off. There is no such thing as job security anymore.   In this uncertain job climate, many are looking for jobs that make the most money. So which jobs are these?

For the longest time, jobs that make the most money include lawyers, doctors,  accountants and engineers. These jobs make on average between one hundred thousand to two hundred thousand a year, for starters. However, to train to be any of the above professionals, one would need to invest time and money over many years of education.

Jobs which pay between seventy five thousand to one hundred thousand dollars include management positions such as general managers, operations managers and the like. Again, one would be required to obtain a basic degree and work many years before attaining such positions.

Now,  let me reveal to you a career which has the potential to make unlimited amount of money, in an industry that is in its infancy. The beauty of being one of the pioneers in an emerging industry is that you reap most of the profits with not much competition. What I am referring to is internet marketing and making money through affiliate programs online.

Every day, more and more people are discovering the advantages of internet marketing, which aside from the unlimited income potential, also offers freedom and flexibility. Once you build up your online business, you are no longer at the mercy of unreasonable bosses.

Source by Rita Yeo

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