Wealthy Affiliate Log In – How to Access Your Account

Wealthy Affiliate Log In – How to Access Your Account

by Jason

Just as with other websites and memberships, your Wealthy Affiliate account will have a log in process to follow. You will sign up for your initial membership which will include your full name, address and billing information.  

After that first time though, logging into your account will be as simple as entering your user name and password. Remember general guidelines for your own safety when choosing your password, even on the Wealthy Affiliate site: don’t choose really obvious passwords, don’t give your password out and consider changing it frequently.

While logging in is generally an easy enough operation, there might occasionally be some trouble. First of all, are you absolutely sure that you are using the right email and log in combination?

Many people have more than one email account that they use on a daily basis and may occasionally mix one of them up for the other.

Consider this to make it easier: use one email for personal use including friends, family and hobbies and another email for business, including Wealthy Affiliate. If you do not have any luck with that, then try the log in info link on the Wealthy Affiliate page.

Occasionally the problem may be caused by the browser that you are using. If you have issues with other websites, especially with log in, then follow the steps for your particular browser which will be different for each.

If you find yourself constantly battling with browser issues a quick upgrade to consider is Firefox, a better browser by far. Check that out at www.Firefox.com. Even with FireFox installed, the right email and password combination and other steps taken correctly you may find you have some issues.  

If this is the case, then email Wealthy Affiliate and report the problem. The only solution that remains may be to have your information reset. You may have to enter your basic info again, but don’t worry, you will not have to pay again.

Your Wealthy Affiliate log in is more than entering just another website, it is the portal to your future. All the knowledge and expert training that you could hope to gain is there at your fingertips. All you have to do is type a few letters, press enter and your future is opened up for you. 

Logging in will give you access not only training and guidance but one on one mentoring meant to help you fully accomplish your dreams and goals as well.  

Finally, remember that your password is meant to log you in to the site that will help you gain your financial independence. Do not allow others to use your log in information, this is your dream, let them get their own.  

Log in to your account and follow your step by step guidance. Work at your own pace and make sure that you understand what you have just learned before you move on for the next lesson. That is one of the huge benefits of training with Wealthy Affiliate, you do everything at your own pace.

Source by Jeffrey Minner

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