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by Jason

Online typing jobs are in high demand – seems everyone want to type at home!  With the economy in it’s worst shape in years, people are looking for creative ways to earn money from their own homes.  There are many options available, and if you are willing to work, there is money to be made.

First of all, lets get an understanding of what different people consider online typing jobs.  Data entry, freelance writing, blogging and article marketing can all be considered different ways to type at home and make money.  If you are looking for secretarial work, it isn’t likely you will find much of that available.  Those kinds of positions are very much in demand, and the waiting lists are a mile long.

Now, there are many other options if you really want to make money from your computer doing work that involves typing or data entry.  Here are a few ideas:

1.  Data entry – There are sites that you can join and gain access to thousands of employers looking for people to perform data entry work.  These sites do require a small fee, but this covers their costs of updating the job database, providing online support to you, and providing you the software to perform the job in some cases.

2.  Online ad placement – There are a few good sites that teach you how to make money by placing simple ads on the internet.  Place ads for these companies, and when someone makes a purchase from an ad you placed, you make a large commission. I do this myself, and average $25 per sale.

3.  Freelance writing – I do this as well.  Writing is in high demand on the internet!  Business owners and webmasters are constantly looking for people to write content for their businesses.  By typing articles and other web content, you can literally make as much money as you want!

There really are hundreds of different ways you can type at home and make a good living.  Millions of people do this and make a very lucrative income.  Online typing jobs are perhaps the most highly searched for opportunities on the internet.

If you do the searching yourself, you will be looking for months trying to locate legitimate type at home jobs.  We have done the research, and found the best opportunities  for scam-free online typing jobs that you can start today!

Source by Tess Tackett

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