Top Methods for Selling Advertising on a Blog

Top Methods for Selling Advertising on a Blog

by Jason

A few years ago, blogging was all about writing about your life, ideas and almost like a diary. Now blogging is everywhere, and with the massive growth of WordPress, blogging has become a very legitimate business. The majority of individuals who are making money with blogging are building their own brands and selling their own products and ad space. Let’s go into detail on several different methods you can use to sell advertising and generate revenue from you blog.

1- Affiliate Marketing

One of the fastest and easiest ways to start making money with your blog, is to run offers through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a type of lead generation business where you earn a compensation whenever someone clicks your referral link and takes action. An excellent example of this would be if I mentioned a book on my blog, then linked to using an affiliate link. If anyone was to click that link and order the book from Amazon, I would earn a commission, somewhere in the 5-15% range. is just one example of affiliate marketing, though there really is no limit to how many companies are using these types of methods for marketing. You don’t always need to make a sale to earn a commission. Many web sites will pay a commission on simple newsletter signups, free registrations, downloads and contests. The most important factor when selecting an affiliate program to push on your blog, is to find something that is relevant.

2 – Banner Ad Placement Networks

If you have a hard time contacting advertisers directly and also don’t want to deal with billing issues, you can always refer to banner ad networks like and These sites have full marketplace listings where advertisers can buy traffic from any blogs listed in the marketplace. The ad company provides all tracking, payments and ad serving. There is usually a 20-30% commission that goes to the ad network for all sales being placed on your site, in exchange for providing all of the back end tracking and providing advertisers.

3 – Direct Ad Sales

For the advanced blogger, you can contact web sites and blogs directly to advertise on your site. In this case, you will be earning 100% of the funds spent on advertising, but will also have to seek out advertisers, serve the tracking and make sure you receive payment. Direct ad sales is a great setup once you have a large and established blog where most advertisers will continually renew or pay for a few months in advance.

4 – Releasing Your Own Product

Having an established blog with a loyal following is an amazing feat to accomplish. Once this is done, you truly have built a brand and people are following what you have to say. With that said, you can go live with your own product or eBook on what you specialize at. Many bloggers have turned their hobby into a full time job by releasing their own information products.

These are just a few methods that have been working well for myself in the blogging niche. Keep testing different methods and you will find winning results.

Source by Brandon H Johnston

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