Top 5 Critical Affiliate Marketing Failures

Top 5 Critical Affiliate Marketing Failures

by Jason

We all agree that affiliate programs are great way to make money online. However, you have to know this fact. Of all the affiliates out there, 90% of them are having difficulties in making their first sale, while the rest of them, the 10%, are making huge nice chunk of cash from affiliate programs. Why is this so?

If you are going to discover the answer to this question, then you will have to know what the top 5 affiliate marketing failures are.

1. Most affiliates have the wrong perspective and they thought that internet marketing or the make money online industry is the best one for them. Indeed that this is a very hungry niche, however, the competition is huge. Try and perform the search for 'make money online', and you will notice that there are millions of websites are competing with each other. Can you stand out in front of so many?

2. Selling the products without even knowing what it is. This is another common affiliate marketing failure that most affiliates will do. They never actually try out the product themselves. They just come across the product, and they thought that it is a great product, and they promote it. How can you sell something to people if you do not even know what it is? If you want to be a super affiliate, this is not what you should do. You have to understand the product better than your customers.

3. Conversion rate plays an important role. Many affiliates do not care about conversion rate; many of them thought that traffic generation is the key to making sales. It is true that traffic is important, but if you have 10,000 traffic a day, but getting none of the sales, it is going to be a big waste. The key to affiliate success lies with these two principle, traffic and conversion rate. Improve them and your affiliate sales will boost.

4. Your job as an affiliate is to promote, to soft-sell or pre-sell your visitors and prospects, not selling them the product directly. Selling your affiliate products is the job of your affiliate merchant, what you need to do is to recommend visitors the product. Again, this is another big mistake often made by most affiliates. The right way to promote is by constantly educating your prospects, and then only recommends them the solutions to their problems.

5. Choose a reliable affiliate product to promote. It is often better to go for hot product than the cold one. This is because hot product is more popular and easier to sell, plus if it is hot, there will be a lot of reviews and testimonials that you can use for your advantage. A hot product has its own credibility and visibility in the market. If you are going for a cold product, make sure you look for some reviews and what others have to say about it before promoting it.

These are the top 5 critical affiliate marketing failures that make most affiliates struggling in making their first sales. Always remember them and never to do them in your affiliate business.

Source by Shawn Lim

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