Tips and Guidelines For a Successful Email Marketing

Tips and Guidelines For a Successful Email Marketing

by Jason

The scene is all too familiar. After hitting a gold mine in your recent email marketing that led to the doubling of your conversion rate and increased in sales by 30% last month, you would expect your boss to tell you that you do the same thing this month. It is a typical front-office culture that is making it to the dark side of email marketing. A little of something may be good for us but a lot of the same will not needarily better. This is particularly so with email marketing. We can not overstress the fact that over-mailing would only lead to annoyance, negative response, unsubscribe and, worse, spam reports.

Hitting the right combination of frequency and content for your email marketing is a mix of art, science and whole lot of sensitivity and respect of the wishes and needs of your target recipients. Email marketing is akin to walking on a tightrope. On one side, you do not want to elicit negative feedback and reaction from your recipients by sending one too many emails to them. On the other hand, you have to work within the terms of the original agreement when sending your email messages to your target list.

Email marketing should not be an albatross that will impede the smooth conduct of your Internet marketing. When efficiently used, it should be one of the most powerful forces of your overall marketing campaign. Here are several important things to remember when doing email marketing:

  • Maintain relevance

Focus on segmentation and personalization of your email list. Make sure that you use this capability of email marketing technology to get the best result from this Internet marketing strategy. Make sure that you are getting through the participants who need and want the message that you are sending out. You should make this as your top priority if you want to succeed in email marketing.

  • Check for possible rendering and deliverability problems

Internet marketers must undertake test message sending before launching a full-blown email marketing campaign. It is important to identify possible kinks and problems before you actually send the marketing message to your recipients. Further, you also have to track the results after you have sent out the message and find out any blacklisting, blocking or filtering.

  • Adjust email message design to fit the requirements of block images and preview pane

Internet marketers must always take into account the design of their email messages so that they render correctly in the blocked images and the preview panes. As a general rule, your templates must deliver the most important part of your message in the first 2 to 4 inches and enhancement presentation by using HTML colors and fonts and minimizing use of digital images which may be blocked by the recipients 'or ISPs' email clients.

  • Get maximum benefits from search by using email

Search engine optimization is now a major concern of Internet marketers. It is essential that you seek synergies between your Internet marketing strategies and the optimization efforts that you are currently doing for your Website. You may integrate an email offer as your secondary goal specifically on your landing page. Inviting your visitors to receive newsletters or try a product demo kit can be the gist of the invite. Once you are able to get them in, you can use email marketing to attract these subscribers and complete the sales cycle.

Source by Ziki De Naim

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