Three Rules You Must Break to Expand Your Email Marketing List

Three Rules You Must Break to Expand Your Email Marketing List

by Jason

If you are involved in email marketing or any form of online marketing, you will be aware about the challenges faced by marketers. Conversion rates from newsletter marketing have been drastically low in last few years. One of the main reasons for the downfall has been the 'SPAM' notification. Most email marketing mails flood prospect's mailboxes and therefore are considered as spam. If used strategically, email marketing can generate substantial leads for your online business. If you are looking at expanding your email list, then you must stay away from conventional approach.

1. Ask permission, Always: Most guides will advise you to seek permission from your customers before you send them an email. This may sound nice to hear, however is it practical? How many customers are kindly to respond to your mail if you ask them permission to send them emails? Asking permission before sending an email is more like asking a person if you could sell him / her something. Most probable answer is a no. you definitely do not want to lose out business because of this. It would be better idea to contact your customer with a welcome email that gives them gist about you and your products and services. You can tell your customers that they can unsubscribe from the mailing list in case they do not wish to receive further emails. This will give you a fair chance to introduce your business to your customers. Obtain clear permission to send emails.

2. Sticks to double opt- in mailers for safety: Many marketers tend to stick to double opt in mailers fearing the CAN-SPAM ACT. A double opt in mailer requires the customer to provide an explicit permission before sending the email. Customer will also have to confirm his acceptance by clicking on verification link provided by the marketer. Honestly, customers are not going to waste time confirming and reconfirming things for you. Be a bit rebellious and send them email anyways. Provide them with an opportunity to opt out from the mailing list by clicking on the unsubscribe link.

3. Stick to informative text: It is important that you understand that customers retain videos more than text. Use engaging videos instead of sticking to plain text for communicating with your customers. Videos and images not only bring life to your emails but also help in retaining the information. Break the rule that requests you to stick to text only. Use humor and social awareness facts to appeal to your audience.

Source by Shah Syed

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