The Truth About Making Money as a Yoga Instructor

The Truth About Making Money as a Yoga Instructor

by Jason

There is no shortage of teaching opportunities in yoga. This is where being a yoga instructor can be lucrative and fun. By getting in with a great health spa, or opening their own studio, a highly skilled instructor can sculpt their own program. Yoga has so many aspects, and applications, that the range of classes is only limited by imagination.

Besides yoga for physical fitness, you can also teach spiritual yoga classes, emphasizing the connection between the body’s well-being and the soul’s health. Perhaps you’d like to offer prenatal yoga for expecting mothers? Maybe yoga for seniors, couples, or kids, is more your style? By designing and offering your own programs, you can interject your personality into yoga instruction.

Depending on your location and marketing skills, you can make a great living as a full-time yoga instructor. If you’re in a location where a large number of people are looking for a yoga instructor, then the sky’s the limit.

If this isn’t the case, you need to develop some marketing skills. In order to get students, you must be able to make yoga instruction appealing. You have to let them know that you can make them healthier with your teaching. It’s going to take a bit more work, but if you’re dedicated to improving the health of your community, then you’ll succeed.

Yoga is one of the greatest examples, of an ancient discipline, remaining relevant in the modern age. Whether you’re looking to focus on the spiritual or physical aspects of the art, being a yoga instructor can be a profitable career path. If this is the path you want your life to take, then get off your yoga mat and take the necessary steps to start teaching!

Yoga instructors are a rare commodity, in high demand. The popularity of yoga has gained momentum, especially with people seeking low-impact fitness routines. A certified yoga instructor can use this time as a career springboard.

What kind of money can you make as a yoga instructor? It all depends on a few factors, with the most important one being experience. Yoga isn’t a discipline that can be taught without extensive knowledge and training.

The extreme nature of many positions, and stretches, could cause serious injury in the hands of a lesser teacher. A yoga master can charge much more for his/her safe instruction than a novice instructor.

Even though you may focus on one or two styles, a highly skilled yoga instructor has the combined knowledge of many styles of yoga. A rudimentary knowledge of yogic philosophy also helps. As a yoga instructor, you’ll deal with many different personalities, so it’s important to have patience and compassion.

Many certified yoga instructors choose to teach part time, while keeping a day job. This gives them the flexibility they need, at the same time that they are bringing in extra income. It also keeps them in great shape as they are teaching.

You can choose whether you want to teach a class or prefer providing private instruction. The rates you charge will vary, depending on the situation and your students needs. Private instruction can run anywhere from $30 an hour to $150 an hour. The highest rates are usually from teaching clients in their home or office.

Private clientele can range from office working professionals to professional athletes, and everything in between. Private clients are looking for quality yoga instruction and are willing to pay for it. Teaching classes to groups, costs a bit less per student, and is usually priced around $15-$20 each for a drop-in rate.

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