The People Who Are Affiliate Marketers

The People Who Are Affiliate Marketers

by Jason

What do you think of when picturing the people who are affiliate marketers?  Do you picture of goofy kid in his parents’ basement?  Do you picture some old retiree selling esoteric niche to his other friends?  Do you picture some middle aged man who has always had views of grandeur, and this is his latest “get rich” scheme?  Well, would you believe that there are many professional who have become affiliate marketers?  I know of an attorney who is know racking in quite a bit of money (I do not want give an exact amount, but it is well into six-figures).  The people who earn money from affiliate marketing abide by no stereotype, as they all come from very unique backgrounds who are searching for another source of income, and an unlimited source at that.

It is amazing at the diversity of people who call affiliate marketing their career.  You have stay at home moms who wants to earn a few more dollars from working a few hours per day on this online.  It is very doable for them; they do not think their is anything “weird” about supporting their new families.  This is a nice way so they do not have to call in sick from work – it is hard to not show up at work when your office is at home.

The story of the attorney was that he was doing some research from work one day and stumbled upon affiliate marketing.  Being a smart guy he pursued it more and quickly began to see very high returns from his initial discovery.  It seemed to be from sheer luck that he stumbled upon a career that will yield him into six-figures from quite some time.  I do not know too many lawyers very well, but I do know that they do not fit the weird mold of a person working online.

The retirees who have free time often like to find something in which to engage as to wilt away from intense boredom.  They may view affiliate marketing as a hobby in hopes to develop a nice income.  It could constitute a cool, trendy hobby with which to share their experiences with their friends.  With years of experience in an industry, retirees are the perfect person to write expert articles, as they have so much experience that we would be crazy to not value their input.

Conversely, many college students who spend a lot of time in their dorms rooms look for new, innovative ways to make money.  Many of them are very good at working their way around their computer and internet, and want to marry those into income.  Being the whizzes they are at new, high tech electronics, they often find the newest and highest potential methods and niches to market.  With such great potential and savy, many of them start their own empires and then become internet marketing and search engine optimization consultants.  I have also seen quite a few of these stories that a college student by chance found affiliate marketing and instead of going into their field of study at school, they became full-time internet marketers who rake in the money and consult people on internet and affiliate marketing related inquiries.

Many laid off and underemployed people ostensibly look for new ways to make money.  They have been searching for work at offices and have had little to no luck.  They then search ways to make money online.  They come across affiliate marketing and are intrigued.  Soon, with the dedication from not having much income, they become entrenched in it and become extremely successful.  Part out of desperation, part out of drive.  In any case, these people stayed positive and used their energy to create something wonderful.

In short, all walks of like take part in affiliate marketing.  The personality types of often the same: driven, ambitious, dedicated, motivated, enthusiastic.  From where they come is as varied as it comes.  When I hear about colleagues’ background, I am completed astonished about from where they have professionally come in their lives.  The people who are affiliate marketers have no mold of where they were yesterday, only where they want to go tomorrow.

Source by Christian Lautenschleger

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