The One True Way to Make Money in Your Sleep – Affiliate Marketing

The One True Way to Make Money in Your Sleep – Affiliate Marketing

by Jason

Affiliate marketing is seen everywhere; it’s the process of having advertisements on other sites, almost always sites that are related to whatever is being advertised. However, the relationship between the website and the advertisement is a bit more complex than that; it is something that has to be carefully done in order to be effective and you have to understand how it works before it can work for you.

First of all, the reason why so many sites have these ads is because they are a quick way to make revenue to support that site. Most of these advertisements are pay-per-click; that is, the person or site hosting the ad gets a commission every time someone clicks on the advertisement and purchases something. In return the site with the advertisement gets to have their ad seen by countless people which increase the chances of sales. Both sides are a kind of internet business; there are people who concentrate hosting the websites and attracting merchants to do affiliate marketing. Conversely, you have the merchants who will be looking to attach themselves to a related website in order to get needed marketing attention. Both the merchants and the website hosts operate on a symbiotic relationship that depends on both of their ability to woo each other and show some sense in choice.

If you are doing the affiliate marketing, then you want to make your website as clear as possible for what you are doing; for example, if you are doing golf accessories, don’t muddy the site by adding baby shoes! You then have to start tracking down online stores that are selling things that are related to your content and really, the more specialized the better as it is more likely people will click on the advertisement. Look for merchants that are solid, but not too entrenched in the internet yet since they’ll already have enough affiliate marketers working with them. Carefully review their site, their products, and their proposed advertisements before agreeing to anything; you wouldn’t want to tie yourself to something that is doomed to failure!

Affiliate marketing, when done properly, is one of the few ways to make money without having to do much of anything. All you have to do is review the proposals you get from merchants, choose the ones that are most likely to succeed, post, and then sit back and let the money trickle in. However, keep in mind that it’s unlikely you’ll be able to make much of a living from this form of work alone, so treat it like a side internet job and you’ll be able to enjoy it far better.

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