The New Internet Marketing Tool – Blogging

The New Internet Marketing Tool – Blogging

by Jason

Blogging is now considering the latest internet marketing blogging tool which is the most effective in promoting your products or services through word of mouth or viral.

Blogging is a concept that started in the 90's. It actually started with just one or two sentences comment on an existing webpage. But now it has evolved into a wide range of personal journal on virtually any topics of your choice.

Here are some of the reasons you should use blogging as an internet marketing tool.

1. It is easy to start – Anyone who can use the computer or know how to type a letter and use mouse can start to learn blogging. There are no specific rules or skills needed to blog. It is like you express your ideas through spoken language and talking to a friend or customer. It is so simple. After your readers read your blog and like what you write, you can build a very good relationship from there and then that may be turning into your customers.

2. It builds credibility – as you start to write more and more articles on your blog on particular topic in your industry, more and more readers will start visiting your site. If your articles appear to be useful and beneficial to them, you can position yourself as an expert in the field. These builds credibility for yourself and creates trust and loyalty to your prospect.

3. RSS – RSS is the fastest growing technology on the internet today. Having RSS feeds to your blog is a way to generate continuity with you on any updates or news.

4. It can generate leads from the traffic generated from search engines or from other backlink. It helps building up your subscriber list and promote your products or services to your readers.

Therefore, I do not see any reason you do not use blogging as one of the internet marketing tools.

Source by Tiffany Lee

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