The Importance of Headlines, Titles and Subject Lines in Internet Marketing Part I

The Importance of Headlines, Titles and Subject Lines in Internet Marketing Part I

by Jason

What do headlines, titles and subject lines have in common in internet marketing? They are all attention grabbers, designed to attract the attention of people who scan pages, rather than read them properly, and who stop to read only when something catches their eye.

Headlines are generally used on sales pages and squeeze pages, and should facilitate the reader to stay with you. They should offer an immediate benefit that people want, and force them to continue reading. Typical benefits are how to make money, how to save money, how people can save time or have a problem solved. A good headline must offer a benefit that sounds believable and reasonably achievable.

"Make $ 5000 in 24 Hours!" is not a reasonable benefit to most people, and they will immediately think 'scam'. On the other hand "Make $ 200 a Day for Life!" does sound believable and is certainly reasonable. You only have to sell 4 fifty dollar products to realize that and it is surely more believable than massive illegally promises.

Writing headlines is a skill, or even an art, but you do not have to be able to do it to come up with a great persuasive and compelling headline. All you need to do is to surf the net till you find a headline that you like, and then adapt it to suit your product. If you are selling anything at all, you need some form of sales page, and a great headline is essential.

People who get to your sales page want to know one thing. What will your product do for them, and if you answer their question right up front, with the first line of your sales page, then you could have them hooked. You then have to reel them in with the rest of your sales copy. However, without a great headline you might not get another chance, because if you do not let them know the benefit right away, they are not going to grab a cup, settle down comfy and read your sales page.

They are going to go somewhere else that gives them what they are looking for, without having to read a load of sales hype that does not answer their question: "What will it do for me?" That's the question your headline should answer before they even ask. Hit them with it immediately and they will stay with you.

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