The Best Way to Make Money Online in Affiliate Marketing

The Best Way to Make Money Online in Affiliate Marketing

by Jason

I make money online affiliate marketing or in other words taking someone else's product and marketing it to other people online, claiming pieces of every sale I make as a commission. Affiliate marketing is my favorite way to make money because you can promote anything you can think of and make money from it. This makes it very easy to take what you already love and have an interest in and knowledge base about and turn that into your income.

There are lots of different ways to generate traffic and go about affiliate marketing. Of all the different ways to make money online affiliate marketing, this is the most explosive and lucrative of them all.

E-mail marketing is easily the most lucrative way to make money online affiliate marketing. This is because your e-mail list subscribers are your most loyal customers if they have purchased anything which you have promoted to them in the past in terms of affiliate products and offers or not.

This is mostly because with e-mail marketing you have a chance of developing a serious relationship with each and every one of your subscribers, the likes of which you can not even come close to with social networking or plain website traffic.

A great way to start things off with a new subscriber is to send them through an autoresponder series of e-mails. This is a series of pre-written e-mails which every new subscriber goes through and receives to get acquainted with you.

The focus of your autoresponder series will obviously differ from one marketer to another depending on your niche. I have an autoresponder series in which I teach people how to make money online for free and every day they receive a new lesson which teaches them about a different aspect of what it takes to make serious money online through affiliate marketing.

Through this course, I do not charge anyone anything and I just give out a great deal of powerful and legitimately effective advice, tips, and information. This is a great way to build the trust of that subscriber as it not only gets them to respect the things I'm talking about and consider me an expert on my topic, but it also gets them in the habit of looking for and expecting new content and new e-mails from me.

Of course you can also make serious money through your autoresponder. If you can make the focus of your autoresponder series the solution to a problem that your new subscriber has, you can recommend an affiliate product or two along the way as long as it's really effective and will help your subscriber with their problem. Do not oversell and only promote quality and you can make serious money through your autoresponder.

Once you have that devoted list of subscribers which you should always be building, just sending out one effective affiliate offer in the future to your own list can result in a huge payday overnight. I know a lot of marketers who refer to their autoresponder as their cash machine as such.

Source by Paul M Ventura

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