The 3 Do's And Do Nots Of The Work From Home GDI Affiliate System

The 3 Do's And Do Nots Of The Work From Home GDI Affiliate System

by Jason

Let me start by saying everyone has a method for getting their site seen … and believe it or not there are a lot of people who have a method for getting their site "not seen". The following 6 Items will help you avoid not being seen and hopefully give you information on how to be seen.

Do Not # 1.

DO NOT GO IT ALONE: As simple as it sounds tons of people spend hours upon hours of accomplishing absolutely NOTHING simply because they do not know what they have not asked. Odds are your sponsor has gone through many of the time spending activity you are about to embark on … why not listen and learn.

DO # 1

USE YOUR UP LINE: Tap your sponsor's resource ideas until you completely know everything he does. There is an old African proverb that goes something along the lines of, "it takes a village to raise a kid." I've decided to coin a new-age web proverb of, "it takes an up line to raise a business." Your greatest resource when working in GDI is that you have immediate access to 5 of your immediate up line members. Between you and 5 people there must exist thousands of ideas … WHY NOT USE THEM? Your up line is just as valuable as your down line in that you can get just as much out of them as they get out of you.

Do Not # 2

JOIN MILLIONS OF LIST / TRAFFIC PROMOTERS / ETC If for any other reason than all they are going to do is distract you from your main goal. Which should be to make an income for you. There exists a huge group of websites out there that that feed on the "newbies" of internet marketing. Perhaps you've seen
"ten bajillion visitors in 5 minutes" or some other outlandish claim. That is all it is is outlandish.

Do # 2

FOCUS YOUR ENERGY ON QUALITY There are a few very powerful sites out there that can greatly increase your potential for income … why not use them, several of them are listed on my website, of course there are plenty more than listed here. If you can focus your efforts on getting two quality sites to work for you they will return more in invested time than 100 garbage sites. A lot of "traffic generators" will inevitably generate traffic for you, however very few will generate quality traffic. What good are 10k visitors if they only stay for 10-20 seconds? I'd rather have 2 stay for 4 minutes than 10,000 stay for 10 seconds. You should want this too.

Do Not # 3

SPEAK TO POTENTIAL CLIENTS LIKE THEY ARE OLD COLLEGE BUDDIES Nothing can blow a sale down faster than a misplaced slang word or coming off as an uncouth idiot. YOU HAVE YOUR OWN BUSINESS … ACT LIKE IT.

Do # 3

Learn to read people There exist a building probably not far from your house. In this building there are MANY, MANY rectangle objects, in these objects are ideas, ideas about helping people. These things are called books, and the building is called the library. Get this, THEY GIVE YOU BOOKS FOR FREE … real live books. Go there and get 1-10 books on selling, dealing with people, negotiating or speaking and marvel as you read through them on the amount of knowledge you can get out of these books. I've read several books in my day that have taught me how to make people smile, make them frown, make them want what I want and hate what I hate. ANYONE can learn to talk to people for some it comes natural for the rest of us it requires work.

I hope you can take these 6 items and turn them into a great starting point or even a refresher course for your GDI business. It's often the simple things we do that make the difference whether they are for the betterment or detriment of your business – so take these 6 little things and use them to create your future.

Source by Guy Powers

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