Some solutions for tackling different types of job interviews

Some solutions for tackling different types of job interviews

by Jason

Job interview is like stepping-stones for a job seeker or candidate intending to get his or her desired job position in reputed organizations to build up their future careers. These job interviews open the doors of corporate world to fresh graduates or for those who would like to be promoted to higher management job levels within their existing or new organizations. There are different types of job interviews and each have to be tackled in a different way. A job interview coach is the right person to guide a candidate in overcoming any obstacles while attending to these types of interviews with grand success.

There are different types of job interviews, the most common types of interviews are telephone interviews, and competency based interviews. There are different techniques or ways to be followed when facing each of these types of job interviews. Job interview coaches recommend some tips for acing such types of job interviews and these tips have been explained briefly for the benefit of novice candidates as given below:

1. Telephonic interviews-

Telephonic interviews are now becoming a common phenomenon for employers these days especially organizations in the Information Technology or IT sector are opting for this mode of interview. The telephonic interviews act like a filter when the volume of candidates is quite large and to find the best candidates out of the resumes received from the candidates is a tough task for an organization. Getting a telephonic interview means that the candidates resume or CV was good enough to contact him or her for telephonic round. Some of the tips that should be followed in a telephonic interview are:

—Make your voice as your sales tool and do not speak too loudly or too quickly. Using slangs, interrupting the interviewer in between the talk, using words such as ‘um’ or ‘err’ frequently is to be avoided. The main purpose of a telephonic interview is to establish a good rapport by matching your speaking rate and pitch to that of the interviewer.

—Using the interviewers and company’s name few times is acceptable during this type of job interview. Be brief and reflect clarity in your answers as time is precious for telephonic interviews.

2. Competency based interviews-

The purpose of competency-based interviews is to know how a candidate has handled situations or resolved problems in the past based on his or her real life work experiences while working for previous employers or on specific projects. The interviewer in this type of job interview wants to know about the specific role played by the candidate in tackling the situation. In such cases, the concerned candidate must be able to describe the results that he or she had achieved in terms of money saved, process improved or the number of satisfied customers while working for the previous employer or on a project. The candidate must also describe if he or she had made any mistakes during the work process and what did he or she had learnt from these mistakes. These are some of the tips to be rehashed.

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