Social Media and Email Marketing – Generating Value For Small Business Owners

Social Media and Email Marketing – Generating Value For Small Business Owners

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Although small business owners now have many marketing method choices, focusing on email marketing is the way to go. AWEBER Communications recently came out with a survey that says business marketing through the use of emails has stood its ground when it comes to providing value to entrepreneurs.

Depending on Email Marketing
Some 82 percent of the survey respondents also stated that they are cementing their plans on hiking their efforts pertaining to email marketing over the remaining part of this year and the one that is coming. This is also based on the fact that 61.46 percent of these small business owners are firm in their belief that this type of marketing's return of investment or ROI is simpler to account compared to social media's ROI. There were only 5.28 percent who thought otherwise.

Putting Social Media in the Equation
Despite this pronouncement though, it would still be quite beneficial to make use of social media as part of your marketing campaign. According to Aweber that as social media mushrooms on the Internet, the responsiveness of marketers in using it will also unduly heighten. In fact, based on the study's results, 54 percent of the small business owners who participated are set on making use of Facebook as an email-listing generator tool.

While about 70 percent of these entrepreneurs are making use of some form or other of social media, there is 77 percent who have made it clear that inculcating this with email marketing is a top priority. This number of marketers believes that this move ranges from "moderately to very important" on their list of priorities. Many believe, some 20 percent of them, in the potency of the combined powers of social media and marketing through emails because of its ability to encourage loyalty among clients. Thirty-six percent of entrepreneurs who took part of Aweber's study used Twitter for sending out email newsletters, while 35 percent sent blog posts through emails.

What Social Media and Email Marketing Can Bring
Tom Kulzer, Aweber founder and CEO, stated that based on the study's results, marketing has not lost its grass on giving out value to small business owners, no matter what kind of business they are running. He also said that these entrepreneurs are not discounting the positive effect that mixing efforts using social media and marketing through emails together can bring. Although still learning the effective way for this to be done, Kulzer said, this will bring small business owners closer to a more massive audience. Added with the usage of sales tracking and behavioral targeting, which almost 66 percent of respondents allude to, the combination of social media and email marketing will unduly bring in the money to your small business.

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