Simple and Profitable ClickBank Tips for Success in Affiliate Marketing

Simple and Profitable ClickBank Tips for Success in Affiliate Marketing

by Jason

ClickBank is today one of the largest affiliate networks. Any newbie jumping on to the internet marketing wagon and interested in affiliate marketing is sure to start with ClickBank and hence the thought that "making money at ClickBank is a cakewalk", is widely spread. There is no doubt to the fact that ClickBank does pretty much everything related to the buying and selling activities. But it is extremely important that they know about the nuances of dealing with the ClickBank Marketplace, if they really want to be successful.

It is also worthy of notice that ClickBank is a marketplace where the big brothers in internet marketing too, love spending their time. It is because that almost all of the best deals will pretty much be played out. You need to know how to identify products that are good yet are low on competition and transact in these in order to be successful.

Here these simple yet profitable ClickBank tips can be handy for you as you enter into the arena.

Your business at ClickBank starts with your affiliate ID. I recommend creating an affiliate ID that gives an impression of a critic. Although the relevance of this might not be too much, still it gives an impression that you are not just another marketer.

It is very important that you have a website if you are to make the most of ClickBank. It is normal for many affiliate marketers to redirect their affiliate links directly to the vendor's website. This is not advisable. You will loose out on the opportunity to capture leads and will also not give a professional impression to the visitor who clicked on you link. It is also important that you only concentrate on products that fit the theme and niche of your website. If your website is on fishing and you are selling a golfing related book on your website, you can not be expecting conversion.

Since you would be selling a wide variety of products from ClickBank and you might not want to buy so many different domain name and get websites designed for so many products, I would recommend that you start with creating blogs at Blogger which is a free platform.

Before you start promoting a product as an affiliate, you should do some research on the performance of the product. There are some initial statistics on ClickBank itself like Gravity, Popularity,% referred,% sale etc. which can all give you a fair idea of ​​how the product is performing. I recommend selecting products with a gravity of 75-125.

You should also research the performance of the product outside of ClickBank as well. I would recommend that you search Google or, other search engines with related keywords and see if there are ads running for the product. Less ads does not mean that the product is poor. I would be happy to see less ads for the product because it means less competition. At the same time it is important that there are some websites that are promoting the product. You should browse through the search results to see how many websites are there that are actually promoting the product. Also check for the page ranks for the first 4 websites. If the pageranks for these website are between 2 and 4, I will assume that the product is worth promoting.

Ensure that you cloak your affiliate links. Every market will have some rogues who will do anything to steal profits. Affiliate link cloaking will prevent this from happening. You can find a lot of link cloakers online which can do this job easily and yet help your track your links' performance.

You will need to put in some time on getting yourself trained on understanding the nuances of the trade. But once you have understood it, affiliate marketing should sound easy to you.

Source by R Dilip Kumar

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