"Sales Lead Generation Techniques"-Free&Low;-Cost Methods

"Sales Lead Generation Techniques"-Free&Low;-Cost Methods

by Jason

There are 5 very powerful methods of marketing online for free and a few which
are low-cost and can generate you around fifty leads a day if done properly.
You must pay attention and do not skip anything. Here they are.

1.Video Marketing – First shoot the video with a high quality camera
                  – Then you want to use a video distribution tool such as
                  Tube Mogul to distribute the video to many video directories
                  including You Tube.
                  – You must choose a specific keyword that you want to
                  dominate. For example make money online. The keyword must be
                  in the video title, description, and the tags.
                  – The video must have first the opening statement, personal
                  information about you, the solution, and then a call to
                  action telling the viewer what to do or where to go.
                  – The most powerful method is next.
2.Article Marketing – First you want to know what keyword you want to rank for
                    or what your going to be talking about. Again for example
                    make money online. That keyword must be in the title, in the
                    article body 2 – 3 times and then in the tags.
                    – You can either manually submit your article to any article
                    directories you choose or you can use automatic article
                    submitter which will distribute your article to over three
                    hundred article directories.
                    – Now the rest are fun.
3.Email Blasts – This means you will be sending an email to 3 thousand people
               every 3 days using a list builder such as Viral URL or Viral
               Host. Just search them on google and you will find them.
               – These will allow you to send out a broadcast email to 3
               thousand people every 3 days in your industry.
4.Face Book – This is a social media platform where you can add friends daily
            joining a group and then adding everyone in that group.
            – You can post messages on the walls of these groups which you join.
            – Most important you want to be building relationships by messaging
            people and getting to know them and them sharing what you have.

5.Twitter – Now with twitter you want to find people who have lots of followers
          and you want to start following everyone on the first twenty pages
          of their followers. Make sure it is someone who is talking about
          something close to what you have to offer.
          – Once you have a few thousand followers you can start sending a
          tweet every twenty minutes and everyone will see it!
These methods are all free for you to use except the email blasts. The email
blasts are powerful and I suggest you do them. It is very low-cost and you will
be getting leads close to nothing.That is not it though.

Now if you want to learn exactly how to optimize and monetize these methods to rank on the first page of google when anyone searches the keyword you want I will have to ask you to join me sometime and we can work together if you want to take this to the next level. To work with me and the rest of the millionaire MasterMind group and find out how we make 5 figures weekly go to http://wealthcreations.ca/ Now.

Elie Nassour
Online Marketer/Business Consultant

Source by Elie Nassour

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