Rebuttals For The Top Objections in Network Marketing

Rebuttals For The Top Objections in Network Marketing

by Jason

When I first started prospecting in Network Marketing I got quickly got overwhelmed with all the objections I was receiving. It seemed like nobody was going to join me in my new business. But I realized their were only about 3-6 objections that I got over and over again. So I learned some rebuttals for those objections. And I was proud that no matter what their objection was I could handle it, or so I thought. The mistake that I was making was, when I received an objection I went into defense mode.  When someone had an objection about Network Marketing. I would answer them and I would attack their job. Which forced them to defend their job and attack the Network Marketing industry.

What are they really saying?

Most times when people you prospect give you an objection, Its a frront. There is usually another reason why they don’t see the opportunity. So sometimes you have to dig a little bit deeper. I will usually say something like: OK I can appreciate that, but why exactly do you feel that way?  This is a great way for you to feel them out.

Rebuttals for The Top 6 Objections in Network Marketing

1- I Don’t Have the Money.

This objection can be a front. So you may want to dig deeper. But if this is the true objection that means they didn’t see the value in your opportunity. lack of Money isn’t a real objection because people find a way to buy things they deem important. Find out their WHY. I would ask them: Is the $250 dollar investment worth being able to spend more time with your children? They have to say YES. Get your prospects in the habit of saying yes.

2- How Much do you make?

Ans: I don’t know yet. I get paid Residual income and I haven’t finished collecting it all. I’m still getting paid from my first few customers.

3- Isn’t that a Pyramid thing?

If your in Network Marketing you heard this one before. This is not a real objection. This is a test to see how your going to respond. When I was a newbie I handled this objection with “Your job is a Pyramid!” Then we would go back and forth and of course they didn’t sign up. The best way to handle this is to ask: What do you mean exactly or Are you asking me if I’m involved with a pyramid scam? This objection is a red flag that the person I’m talking to is not serious. I usually just laugh this objection off.

4- I don’t have the Time.

We all know everybody has the same 24 hours in a day. Most people are busy doing nothing. And they think they don’t have time because they waste so much of it on non-income producing activities. I would say: I can understand that your busy. But are you willing to do whats keeping you busy for the rest of your life? If not, would you be open to dedicating an hour a day towards building a business that can pay you residually for the rest of your life?

5- I have to discuss this with my Wife/Husband. 

When I come across this objection I will usually say: Great! I’m glad that you see the value in this business. Now lets get your Wife/Husband on the phone. I will be more than happy to explain the business to them. If they come up with an excuse for why they cant get them on the phone, then that’s not the real objection. Dig Deeper.

6- I’m not good at sales.

Ans: That’s Fine. This is not a sales job. This is a relationship building business. The only thing you have to sell is yourself.

Its important to know some people are just not that serious. You have to be able to let those people go and not be emotionally attached. Network Marketing is a numbers game and you be successful if your able to run though the numbers with out loss of enthusiasm. 

See you at the Top!

Symeon R. Brown

Online Network Marketing Coach 

Source by Symeon R Brown

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