Pot Pie Girl – Not Your Regular Internet Marketing Guru

Pot Pie Girl – Not Your Regular Internet Marketing Guru

by Jason

Internet marketing gurus are a dime a dozen nowdays and it seems that every day a new guru emerges. The problem with gurus is that it is hard to tell the real ones from those that are just posing to be experts so they can scam some money off from unsuspecting people.

People like these are the ones that give the word guru a bad connotation when in fact the real meaning of the word guru is teacher and their essence is to share knowledge and information to their fellow men. Nowadays though it is really hard to find a real guru, especially in the world of Internet marketing, who is willing to share what he or she knows for the sake of helping people succeed.

This is the reason why Pot Pie Girl is like a breath of fresh air to the stale and sometimes rancid atmosphere left by many Internet marketing gurus. There are several things that make her different from the other gurus that are proliferating on the Internet.

For one, Pot Pie Girl does not present herself as a super smart know it all that can answer the economic problems of the world and more. Instead, she simply presents herself as someone who has become successful in Internet marketing and wants to share her knowledge to other people so they too can make money from the Internet and achieve financial independence.

Another thing that distinguishes Pot Pie Girl from the rest of the pack is her use of accessible language and voice that are easily understandable even with people who have little knowledge of computers and the Internet. She deliberately veers away from jargon-filled language that is often found in guides about Internet marketing. With her One Week Marketing Action Plan, it feels as if a friend is explaining to you how she earns money from the Internet.

If you are someone who is just planning to enter the world of Internet marketing or if you are someone who has tried several techniques already that failed to give desirable results, then you should definitely give Pot Pie Girl's One Week Marketing Action Plan a try.

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