Online Home Business Opportunities – Ideas to Start One with Small Amount of Money

by Jason

Many online home business opportunities can be started for little or no money out of your own pocket. To correctly implement these opportunities and make money might require a little bit of investment on your part. Here are seven online business ideas you can start for little upfront money.

1. Network Marketing

There are numerous MLM businesses you can join for under $100. Often the fees you pay to join this type of opportunity are cash flow that is paid back to the sponsoring distributor. This is a worthwhile investment because you will make an income doing the same thing yourself.

2. Affiliate Marketing

The most of the affiliate programs are free to join. However, to get most out of affiliate marketing you should set up a website which you can use to promote your affiliate products. Then you just need to drive traffic to your site using different internet marketing methods. These include for example traffic exchanges, article marketing, social marketing, link exchanges, and so on.

3. Email marketing

Automating an online business is easily done by using an auto-responder. These will generally run you around $20 a month. You may want to consider purchasing co-registration leads to jumpstart your list and you can do that for about $50.

4. Start a blog

There are many free blogging platforms but hosting your own blog is the best way to go. You can arrange a blog hosting for a few dollars a month and this will give you complete control over your blog. Depending on your writing skills you may want to purchase a few blog articles for about five dollars apiece and use those for content on your new blog.

5. Start a blog writing business

Writing content to other blog owners is also one excellent way to earn decent income on the internet. If writing is your passion this is an excellent way to combine work and pleasure. You can do something you love and make a living with it as well.

6. Sell private label rights products

It is a fast way to build an online business because the products are already created for you. By spending a little time customizing them you can differentiate yourself in the marketplace. You will need a website or blog to sell your products online, but that can quickly be set up for little upfront money as well.

7. Blog flipping

If you are good at blogging this can be very rewarding opportunity to make money. First you create a blog, then make it profitable, and finally sell it in the marketplace. This does not require much money because blogging platforms are free to use. Of course it is wise to purchase your own domain and hosting account. Again this can be done under $10/month.

This is seven online home business opportunities that can be started for little upfront money. Many internet marketers do one or more of these to make excellent income online.

Source by John White

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