Network Marketing Success Without Contacting Friends and Family

Network Marketing Success Without Contacting Friends and Family

by Jason

If you have been in the network marketing industry you have seen many different ways to build your network marketing business. Most MLM business growing strategies revolve around a names list or warm market lead list which are friends and family.

You will hear people in your company say that you can introduce this product without even selling you just have to let them try the product and let them decide. When I introduced the products to people I always felt like I was selling regardless of how I introduced the products. When you are telling people about a product that they have not even asked about I feel that you are selling regardless of how you present. In this model of building a business you are setting people up for rejection and some people are okay with that, but many are not. Many people give up on this way of business building in a very short time.

I feel that it is best to tell people about an opportunity after they have asked because people are much more willing to listen if they have asked first. In this new way of marketing you are able to present your story after they have asked you for the information. So many people are looking for information and they will want to hear what you have to say if you get your information in front of them. You might have had great results with a supplement that you are taking and want to tell other people about the product. In this new way of marketing you will want to tell them about the results you have had and then let them ask you about what you are taking to get the results. Once they ask about your results you can tell them what product you are taking and they will listen because they are interested in getting the results.

Source by Marc Washburn

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