My Shopping Genie Toolbar – A Shopping Tool to Save Money, Make Money, Or Market Yourself?

My Shopping Genie Toolbar – A Shopping Tool to Save Money, Make Money, Or Market Yourself?

by Jason

Are you looking for a business opportunity that does not involve re-bills, expensive products and scams? How about an opportunity that only involves giving away a free toolbar that gives value to the users online shopping experience. A distributor of this opportunity gives away a free download to anyone who is looking to save money. This is a shopping tool that people can use to save thousands of dollars a year. It is a tool to save people anywhere from 50% to 70% off their purchases.

Money is made by giving away the toolbar for free. As a distributor of MyShoppingGenie, you give away the download for free and you make money when they use the tool. It can be certain affiliate sites they purchase from, certain free offers they take advantage of, coupons that they choose to use, or sometimes when they request more information. You can also make money when you sign others up to be distributors as well. Once you give away this free download, you will make money when people use different aspects of the program as well as if they decide to become a distributor themselves.

By purchasing an MSG Distribution License for a one-time fee and paying a low monthly maintenance charge, the shopping toolbar can be used as a powerful promotional and branding tool. This can be taken advantage of by individuals as well as businesses. The Shopping Genie can be customized with your personal, business, organization, or school Website. Whenever the user searches a major search engine your name or logo will be displayed. The tool offers a variety of ways to get your name, company, or organization a presence online. For those without a Website, they can take advantage of tools such as a profile builder and coupon maker for free. This program can be used by individuals, businesses, churches, fundraising groups, and anyone else looking for customizable exposure.

No experience is necessary to take advantage of this program. The Shopping Genie Toolbar Program will walk the users through step by step. By joining the program you can receive any and all support needed. There are live training sessions, online tutorials, and special events to help you get what you want from the program. All questions and concerns will be addressed. Extras also available are video and flash tools, banner ads, and flyers and post cards that can be customized. These tools will add the amount of exposure you or your business receives.

The toolbar can be taken advantage of in a variety of ways. It can be used as a free download to give away to people that will not only save them a lot of money, but will also make you money when they take advantage of the program. Money can also be made if they decide to distribute it to make money as well. The Shopping Genie Toolbar can also be taken advantage of for its promotional and branding attributes. When people download the tool, your company or individual information will be promoted with every use. There are many different tools available to get the most out of the promotional opportunity as well. The Shopping Genie toolbar is a new type of tool that will save people money, make people money, and give people a great marketing and branding tool to use.spacer.gif

Source by Jeff McNamee

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