Music Stores And Email Marketing

Music Stores And Email Marketing

by Jason

The renewed interest in playing musical instruments is great news for music stores, which for generations have relied on lessons as a major-and sometimes only-source of revenue. How can music stores tap into this new market? With a campaign of email marketing for music stores!

The method by which people are being introduced to musical instruments has been modernized, as has the method of advertising. No longer can these stores rely on the traditional means of advertisement such as ads in the local newspaper and commercials on local television and radio. Newspapers have far less space for advertising than they did even 10 years ago while TIVO makes it easy for viewers to skip commercials entirely. Plus, the surge in popularity of XM / Sirius satellite radio and iPods makes it far less likely people will listen to local radio.

Fortunately, email marketing software is inexpensive to buy and pays immediate and long-lasting dividends. First of all, it is easy to install and manage. Establishments that have few employees to start with will not have to hire additional staff to handle the email marketing.

Beginning the campaign is a simple matter of asking visitors to the store to write down their email addresses and then implementing these addresses into the software. Let prospective students (and their parents!) Know that email is the best way to stay up to date on the store, the lessons it offers and the deals it has on new and used instruments.

The software also allows for easy customization of the targeted message included in any campaign of email marketing. No traditional means of advertising can match the personalized nature of an email, which can contain the recipient's name in both the subject line and in the initial greeting. Nor can the old-fashioned advertising match the direct impact of an email, which will be delivered straight to and opened by its target audience.

Email marketing software also makes it possible for recipients to forward messages received from email marketing for music stores on to family and friends. This is especially pivotal given how quickly school-aged children can get addicted to musical video games and beg their parents to let them learn how to play the instrument for real!

Parents are apt to ask their friends if they know of any music teachers, and a quick and concise way to spread the word about music stores is by forwarding an email message. In addition to offering the essential information about the store, email marketing can also include pictures of instructors at work and even videos-both of the instructors performing as well as of students showing off what they've learned and how quickly they've improved. Add it all up and the marriage of music stores and email marketing is one of convenience as well as modernity!

Source by Dan Forootan

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