MLM Online – Legitimate Affiliate Marketing Opportunity?

MLM Online – Legitimate Affiliate Marketing Opportunity?

by Jason

Is MLM anything like affiliate marketing? The answer to that is half way between yes and no.

While all affiliate marketers work on their own, multilevel marketers work in a team, and at the top of the tree is where the team leader resides. The team leaders job is to train the troops in his / her down line, and teach them the inn's and out of promoting the product or opportunity.

Affiliate marketers work on their own and answer to no one but themselves. They diversify into lot of different markets known as niches, unlike MLM they never put all their eggs into one basket.

This is a quote from a multilevel marketing team leader I know personally.
(I devote the time, energy, and effort into my team I work with, to ensure their success)
Translated, I devote the time, energy, and effort into my team I work with, to ensure (MY) success.
I make 5% on every sale they make and another 2% of every sale their referrals make.

This is a quote from an affiliate marketer I know.
I work freelance for many companies who carry out their business online. I earn from 5% up to 75% dependent on the products, and have a income of $ 175,000 a year after taxes.

Translated, I never worry about going out of business because my business is a multitude of different types of business, So I am not reliant on any one industry type to make my income.

If you look closely you will see that there are similarities between them, but with affiliate marketing you are not reliant on stimulating a team to work hard like you yourself do.

What business would you prefer to be in? do you want to spend all your time switching team members that drop out of the program because they could not promote the product or opportunity. Or would you prefer to build a data base of proven buyers for hundreds of products at your fingertips.

With MLM you will always be replacing team members, without them you could never make a living working on your own the industry just is not set-up that way.

However there are legitimate affiliate marketing opportunities to make a full time income and to earn it you only need to be reliant on yourself to achieve $ 200 a day in no time at all.

Source by Steve Wood

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