Marketing Your Web Site – Marketing The Direct And Easy Way

Marketing Your Web Site – Marketing The Direct And Easy Way

by Jason

After months of work, slaving over a hot computer, you have finally built your first web site. The feeling of pride is immense, closely following by a feeling of dejection. Why are people not visiting the site? What is wrong? Why no clicks?

Doubtless you have asked yourself these questions and have probably tried all the recommended routes, EzineArticles, exchanging links, etc. etc, all in an effort to save money and keep within budget.

THE PAINLESS ROUTE. There is another extremely painless, and if you are lucky, a virtuously free way of getting maximum publicity in your own area. Local does not matter. Once people are using their computer, chatting to friends in other areas, local soon becomes worldwide.

THE METHOD. Using a computer, configure two types of leaflet. Do these yourself, remember the aim is to save money

One should be about three inches deep and A4. width. Think of a snappy slogan in tune with the content of your site, followed by the URL of your site. If you are promoting a land-based business, then the name and address of the business.

Four should fit easily on an A4 page. Churn them off from your printer as many as you require, slice them up and you have made a start.

The next is a small flyer – printed two to an A4 page, to be sliced ​​in half making two A5 size sheets. This should be a real promotional 'come-on' for your site.

1. A snappy slogan.

2. A question to gain the reader's interest.

3. The name of your site. Then finally

4. Offer them a solution to their problem that they can find via your site.

DISTRIBUTION. The first small slip is more useful than you would think. Whenever you write a letter, even sending a cheque off, no matter to what it is addressed – enclose one of these publicity slips. Someone in the post room is bound to be curious and take a look.

Secondly, give one of these slip s to everyone you talk to. When waiting for a bus, train, waiting in the doctor's / dentist's surgery, paying in the petrol station, in the supermarket queue, the checkout girl, your postman, other mums at the school gate, any delivery person – in fact everyone you meet . Just chat them up, engage them in conversation – do they have a computer etc. etc. and you may well find yourself with another person willing to click. Remember, they have friends, and the friends have friends ……… Before you know it, your web site is winging its way around the world – all because of this one little slip of paper.

BE PERSISTENT. In other words, never leave home without a supply of publicity slips. You will be surprised how often you have to reprint. Do not worry if you double up by accident, trying to give a person you met a few days previously another slip. Use it to your advantage. Did they visit the site? What did they think of it? Have they any useful suggestions to make? In other words extend your chat into market research. You will probably learn a lot and maybe gain a useful idea or two.

For the A5 sized sheet, you will need the co-operation of your local newsagent. Ask him if he is willing to put one of your slips into the newspapers he delivers. A lot here will depend upon the nature of the person, how well you know him / her and how co-operative they are. If they seem unwilling, ask if you can visit the shop early in the morning to slip a leaflet in all the newspapers that he is selling over the counter. This system definitely works. The author has done this, using the delivery drop method, and has seen the number of visitors to her site shoot up over one weekend. Weekends are obviously the optimum time – people are at home and more inclined to be using the computer, particularly if it is cold and wet!

ALTERNATIVES. You will know your local area. Can you also target sports centers, evening classes (especially their computer classes) with your A5 leaflets?

This is a strictly low-tech route for your high tech site, but it works and that is all that matters. Plus it will save money – no expensive marketing campaigns to fund in your local area!

Wishing you every success.

Source by Jo Withey

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