Marketing With Business Cards

Marketing With Business Cards

by Jason

There are many different ways to market you business, especially when you have your operations running online. One very simple way to get your name out there is through the use of business cards. These can be bought relatively inexpensive and are easy to distribute.

The first thing that you are going to want to do is find a company that lets you order a large number of cards. I personally recommend Vistaprints at Here you will be able to create and purchase a large amount of cards at a reasonable price. I recommend ordering around 2000 of them. When you are in the process of creating your cards, make sure to register a domain name linked to your website if you don’t already have one, and place it on the card. That way, all someone has to do is check out your website in order to see your product and/or opportunity.

After your cards arrive, you might ask, “What am I supposed to do with these now?” This is a very common question that I get all the time. To answer it, let me give you a few examples of how to get all 2000 of your cards out to the right people within a month.

You know when you get those pesky bills that you have to pay every month, well one great way to distribute your business cards is by dropping a few in with the payment of those bills. Remember, there is always someone who has to open your bill on the other end.

Another way that is very efficient when handing out you cards is placing them in business books throughout your local bookstores. Next time you go to a bookstore, stop by the business section and place your business cards in a few books (not too many). That way your cards are directed to people looking for opportunities within the business realm.

Finally, you can never go wrong just handing them out to people you meet. When you give someone your card, there is a much larger chance that they will do business with you simply because they can put a face to the business. I highly recommend this method and never fail to use it myself.

By using this simple method of marketing with business cards you can plan on handing out all 2000 of your cards in the very first month of business. This will greatly increase the traffic directed to your company and hopefully increase your overall profits.

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