Marketing – Tips for Selling More

Marketing – Tips for Selling More

by Jason

When selling online, there is always the fear factor to overcome from all potential buyers. People are nervous to buy online and there are several steps to help with this problem.

One of the best ways to give confidence to buyers is to pre sell them. T to his can be done in several ways. If you have an email list, you could send some information regarding the product explaining the benefits.

A good way to pre sell is to use an auto responder and send a series of four or five messages otherwise known as a mini course over a period of two weeks again outlining the benefits and how the product can be used to save time, money, offer better health etc.

Using this method the prospects are getting to know you and will be more inclined to buy, as they will be more confident.

After the prospects have received their report or mini course, then it should be followed up with another message offering the product with either a link to your site where the product is sold or to an affiliate link.

When visitors arrive at the sales page, it is important to have very good copy. The headline and subheadings should grab their attention. Although they have been pre sold the product through a report or mini series, now is the time to finally convince them to buy the product.

After the headline and sub heading, then have a bullet list explaining the benefits of the products to confirm what they have already received in their mini course.

Some other important points that are required to achieve goods sales are to give them a call to action. This can be done by saying buy now before a price increase, only 200 available etc.

It is normally advisable to include bonuses when selling products online. Many times these bonuses are not even used but it helps persuade people to buy. Everyone likes to get something free.

The next item to include is a guarantee. Many buyers are much more confident to actually get out their credit cards knowing their is a guarantee that offers a refund which normally is for 30 days, but can be any length you wish.

The important thing to remember is to sell a quality product that offers advice or information as explained in the pre selling messages. If a poor quality product is sold, then there will be a lot of requests for refunds.

Once the sale has been made and a satisfied customer has been added to your contact list then it will be possible to contact that person in the future with new offers.

It is always easier to sell to an existing customer, so follow the process of pre selling, sell a good product and have a long term customer.

Source by John Sullivan

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