Marketing Resources – Posting Articles Online

Marketing Resources – Posting Articles Online

by Jason

When you post articles online, you will greatly increase your search engine searchability. If your goal is to draw attention to yourself and your platform, it is also wise to participate in various blogs that are relevant to your area of expertise. First and foremost, self-publishing articles will help you get noticed.

Many sites allow you to post articles for free. BellaOnline gives you a list of sites that not only help you to post your articles, but also enable you to create announcements about your posts, so that you actually receive multiple hits with each submission. Some sites, like Ace Reviews also give you free e-books, so that you can even use a series of articles toward a larger body of work, all posted on the internet.

Because there are many sites where you can post articles online, it is important to know how to get the most mileage out of everything you write. Cross posting on multiple sites is one way to accomplish just that. You can increase your engine ranking by changing the syntax and diction in each article. This way, when people search for keywords you use, all the sites that have your article will show up, as opposed to just one. Changing wording is important because when articles are resubmitted, verbatim, search engines consider it spam, and the subsequent articles are overlooked. Instead, cross-posting variations will only take you twenty to thirty minutes to reword and will cause you to thank yourself, later.

If you are building an online presence, consider starting a Facebook and Twitter account, as well. Not only can you make direct your fans and followers to those sites using social networks, but adding a Facebook or Twitter widget to the bottom of your articles (if site allows) create multiple ways for your readers to stay embedded in your e-world. They can move form your article to your Twitter, to another article, to your Facebook, and then back to another article. The longer your readers are in your world, the higher you will appear on the search rankings.

Because many sites allow you to post articles online for free, use these sites immediately, even if you are feeling hesitant or exposed about self-publishing. Only after a good handful of submissions will you gain visibility, so you essentially have nothing to lose. As you post more frequently, you will only improve and become increasingly confident.

Source by Doug Sanders

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