Many people decide to sell second hand laptops online

Many people decide to sell second hand laptops online

by Jason

It took me a long time to realise why my mother did not wish to attend the jumble sales which used to be held in our school and to find out that most of the things for sale were second hand. There is a certain stigma attached to second hand merchandise, even that of an excellent quality and I think that pride plays a certain part in this. However we are all willing to try and get rid of our cast offs and it is a good thing that there people willing to buy when you decide to sell second hand laptop parts or sell second hand laptops.

If you want to sell used laptop accessories or sell used laptops for cash you will find that the internet has made this easier than ever.

Selling your old laptop

So how do you find someone that will sell your laptop? It requires a little work from you. The best things in life are not always easy. You need to make sure that you have the right person to work with and that means research. You have to take the time to read reviews, scour the internet for feedback and then compare what you have found. Check the reputation of anyone that you are considering using. Look at what they have done in the past and use it as a guideline for what they will do in the future. When you find someone then you can learn what their process is. It may be different from place to place, but generally it includes getting an offer, shipping

Some faulty laptops are worth selling for parts but it requires a computer shop or technician who has a current or future need for the parts. This is often going to be one of those times where it may not bring in much money but at least it is an option. So to sell old laptop computers for the best price means that it should not be too old and that the hardware is in good operational condition. The cosmetic appearance of the case and LCD screen should be very good as well. The software, although it can be an indicator of potential issues, is not too important at all to a technician. When companies buy old laptops they always wipe the drive clean and do clean installations of the OS then update the drivers and install the apps as necessary before they resell them.


If you recycle or sell your laptop for cash don’t forget to delete your personal data. Simply deleting your personal files from your laptop isn’t effective – files that have been placed in your recycle bin or permanently deleted can still be relatively easily retrieved. To be sure your data can’t be accessed; it’s wise to use a specialist program to erase it for good. If you decide to sell your computer it is best to try and do a little research before you go ahead, just to make sure that you do not get ripped off.

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