Making Money With Digital Photography – Wedding Photography

Making Money With Digital Photography – Wedding Photography

by Jason

Wedding only comes once in a lifetime and people are willing to hire a photographer for it. Imagine that you are having a wedding. Don’t you want to get someone professional to capture the most precious moment of your life?

As a photographer, how do you make money with wedding photography?

Of course the first thing you need is a portfolio.

When you want to be hired as a wedding photographer, this is something you need to invest into. Properly design the layout and the display of your photographs. You need to make your portfolio as unique as possible because wedding is a special event and the couples are not interested in common works that they can find anywhere. Your main focus is to impress your potential clients as they flip through your portfolio.

What if you are just starting out to make money with wedding photography and have no portfolio?

Then, you can work free for your friends, if you are okay with that. After that, get their consent so that you can use their photos as your portfolio. Remember to ask for testimonials. The more testimonials you have the easier you will be hired as a wedding photographer.

Another way for you to make money with wedding photography is to make contact with wedding planners. Wedding couples usually will turn to wedding planners for a photographer. When you have good relationships with the wedding planners, they will refer more business to you.

What you can do is to give discount to clients referred by these wedding planners only. The wedding couples will be grateful to the planners and the planners will be happy that they did the couples a favor and you got business from that. There is nothing better than to make money while keeping everyone happy.

Since you are building relationship with the wedding planners, why not extend your relationship to your local bridal shops, wedding chapels or wedding cake bakeries? You can ask for a space to display your brochures and a small portfolio. You never know that the shop owner is more than happy to help you make money with wedding photography.

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