Make Money Selling Your Presidential Memorabilia

by Jason

How To Sell Your Presidential Memorabilia For A Top Price

You just found a box with souvenirs and collectibles that have been in your family for many years. What are they worth? How do you find out if they are worth a small fortune or just enough for a cup of coffee?

In these tough economic times many people are searching thru their attics and cabinets and wondering what that item that grandpa saved is really worth.

The truth is that many items have only limited value, but sometimes you may be amazed to find out that the campaign button, campaign poster, inaugural medal or presidential souvenir could be worth thousands of dollars.

While items from such eras the presidential term of George Washington or Abraham Lincoln always command attention from collectors and dealers alike, an item does not have to be that old to have value.  In fact, many modern day Presidents such as John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan are highly prized by collectors.

The key determinant of value in political memorabilia items is often scarcity. Many people are surprised to find out that the magazines or newspapers their parents saved from the days of President Kennedy, have only minimal value. How could that be since Kennedy remains one of the more popular Presidents of the last 100 years? It’s because you need to be careful not to equate popularity with scarcity. Like in the case of Kennedy items, there were so many magazines and newspapers printed that featured the young President and he was also so popular that many people saved the items. So the items are not scarce.

However, as is so often true with memorabilia items, because of the popularity of President Kennedy items that were produced in limited quantities or were “official” in nature (for instance produced by the official campaign committee) can have significant value.

It is also important that you know that the condition of the item can dramatically affect the value of the item. For this reason, make sure that the item is kept out of sunlight (especially any paper item) and kept in a dry place with minimal change in temperature.

To determine the value of your items, start by searching online to get an idea of the possible value of the item. Try,  Each can provide a wealth of information on values.

Next, consider contacting a professional in valuing presidential memorabilia. Look for someone who has been in the business for many years, is a member of the American Political Items Collectors organization and offers free appraisals.

Always contact more than one dealer so you can compare their offers. Most political memorabilia dealers are also collectors and are happy to help. If they are not, then you picked the wrong one.

Want to find out what that item in your attic is worth? Visit and click on resources tfor free appraisals on your political memorabilia items.  As experienced and knowledgeable dealers in political memorabilia, Lori and Steve Ferber have been providing helping collectors acquire and preserve unique and interesting political memorabilia items for over 35 years.

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