Make Money Online Ideas To Get You Started

Make Money Online Ideas To Get You Started

by Jason

Make money online ideas come and go and they are rarely taken seriously. But why? That's because most of the make money online ideas suck and all they do is waste your time and resources. However, from all my research, I've found 3 make money online ideas that are rock solid and, when properly applied, are almost guaranteed to earn you some coin. This article will outline the 3 top make money online ideas that I've seen and use.

Create Your Own Information Product

Everybody knows something that somebody else does not know, but wish they did. Follow me? Basically, we've all through problems. Now we know the shortcut the get through those problems. Well, there are people who are more than willing to pay for that information. For example, if you know how to build a website that looks fantastic in less than 30 minutes, well that's good information to have. People will gladly pay you that information. You can simply write an eBook explaining the details and sell if online. You can charge anywhere from $ 7 to $ 700. You decided the price. So use what you have in the gray matter of your brain to generate online revenue for you.

Earn Affiliate Revenue From Email Marketing

Email marketing still works. Fact is, it probably will never go away and if anything it's likely to grow. So here's the skinny on how it works. First, never SPAM. SPAM sucks, you and I both know that. Second, become an affiliate of a product that you know, like and trust. (I will assume for this article that you know about affiliate marketing). Third, buy a solo email from another online marketer or ezine service. You can simply type in "solo email ad" in your internet browser to learn the details on this. But basically, for around $ 60, you can send an email to a double opt-in targeted email list of thousands. For a few bucks you can send your message to 20, 30, 50,100,000 targeted subscribers and generate affiliate cash. Marketers do this all the time. You should too.

Make Money Blogging

This is one of the coolest make money online ideas and is by far my favorite. Here's how it works. You start a blog (a website) for free at wordpress or bloggerblog. You pick a topic you are passionate about, and you talk about that topic. You'll write about 2 posts a week and bookmark your posts at all the social bookmarking sites. Pretty soon, you'll have a decent following. After you have regular readers, you can start doing blog / review posts about products you endorse, which of course will be affiliate products. Do an honest review, then post your affiliate link in your message. More often than not, your followers will click on the link and check out what you're talking about.

Source by Shane MM Boyd

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