Make Money During A Recession

by Jason

Make Money During A Recession…

2008 has been one of the toughest years, economically, that America has ever seen.  Many experts say the recession that hit in 2008 is a going to be permanent in one stage or another.  Yes, it will get better than it is right now but will it ever be what it once was, and is it possible to make money during a recession.

With this question burning into our minds we have to have a plan.  The idea of job security is quickly becoming a bed time story we tell our children, knowing one day they will have to find out the truth for themselves.  We tell our children that they need to focus in school so they can get accepted into a good college, where they will graduate years later, thousands of dollars in debt, and then begin to compete for jobs against the other 1.5 million people who graduated that year.

So what about those of us that don’t have that kind of time or money?  What about those of us that don’t want to compete against 1.5 million people for a job barely better than minimum wage?  What about those of us that want to MAKE money during a recession rather than lose it?

YOU CAN MAKE MONEY during a recession.  It is not a myth.  In fact more millionaires are made during a recession than any other time.  You just have to know how.  There are opportunities all around us we just have to learn to think out side of the “box”.  Working a million hours is not the best way to earn a million dollars but it is how we have all been told to try.  We need to create an income that builds whether we are working or not, an income that works for us not the other way around.  We need to build the foundation of that income in an industry that has never heard of the word recession.  Only then can we begin to have a true “life”.  Only then can you say you are free.


Learn how to not only make money during a recession

but create a business that is actually recession proof.

Source by Clint Lundell

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