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by Jason

Finally, I got my first $100 from Google.  For a long time, I didn’t think it was possible, so I kind of gave up on the idea.  Then I started reading some more information on strategies on how to make money with Google.  I realized that a more realistic strategy than making a large amount of money from Google on one site would be making small amounts of money from Google on many sites.

I guess it goes back to the old saying that it is better to have ten percent of one hundred people’s efforts than one hundred percent of one person’s efforts.  You can work long and hard at one site in a large, high traffic niche, and maybe never achieve high rankings in it, or you can spend your time building many small sites targeting mini niches and see each of those small sites pay a small amount, but the combination of all of them adds up to a larger dollar amount.

So what I do now to find those mini niche sites is use Google’s Keyword Tool.  I type in any topic that I think might have good potential for being a niche market and look for phrases that are typed into Google at least 5,000 times per month.  A new trick I learned just a couple of weeds ago is to use exact search in Google’s Keyword tool instead of broad search.  The exact search makes the number of times it is typed into Google per month way more realistic.  I have seen keywords that changing the settings from broad search to exact search brought the results from more than one hundred thousand times per month to just a couple of thousand times per month.  It is amazing how much a little tweak can make a difference.

Once I have found a juicy keyword (products usually work best), I see if the exact dot com, dot org, or dot net is available.  If one of those is available, I usually scoop it up, write an article about it and build a website.  If one is not available, I keep searching until I find a good keyword that is.  Once I find good domain names and build websites with them, I write more articles and give them away for free at article directories to build backlinks.

If you can write two five hundred word articles per day, add one of them to a new website, or expand one of your current websites, and give the other away to create backlinks, it will not take long before you will have a solid web empire established.  Whether you have a hundred niche sites, or one huge authority site, your web empire will be established and hopefully making you lots of money.

I have been at this new mini niche strategy for about two months now, and it has increased my Adsense revenue greatly.  I got my first one hundred dollar payment this month, and am now averaging about two dollars per day in Adsense income.  I know that that does not seem like a lot of money, but my websites have not even hit the three month old mark yet, which gives them more credibility in Google’s eyes.  As time goes on, that two dollars per day will turn into twenty dollars, and the twenty dollars will turn into two hundred dollars.  It just takes time and continued effort.

I will keep you posted.

Source by James J Clarkson

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