Learn To Make Money By Opening A Daycare / Tips To Start Your Own Daycare Business

by Jason

Are you a stay at home mom that is looking to bring in an extra income?  Do you know that you can make money by opening a daycare?  You already have the resources, so opening a home based daycare business would be the most logical answer to your money troubles.  And a great benefit is that you can work right out of your home and decide what your hours of operation will be.  It does not take a lot of work to get your daycare business off the ground.

Start off by contacting you local state childcare authority.  Every state has one and you should be able to locate the nearest office in your local yellow pages or phone directory.  Your goal is to inquire about the local laws that govern how many children you can watch at on time and if there are any benefits to getting a license through the state.  Licensed providers can get meal vouchers for free lunches for the children and have more flexibility to charge a higher price.

Do some research in your area about the childcare situation in your area.  Are other providers struggling to locate children or are they over saturated to the point that they are turning potential customers away?  You could inquire about what prices they are charging to make sure that you are pricing your services competitively.  You may have a hard time finding a provider to talk to you.  What I suggest is just going up to one or two providers and just ask for information.  You will be able to tell if they are doing well by the number of children that they are watching when you get there.  There pricing should be included in any information packet that they give you.

Prepare for opening day.  It is now time to start advertising your new daycare services.  Print out fliers and post them at your local supermarket.  Also let your friends in your neighborhood know that you have just opened a daycare.  They just may know someone that is looking for a new daycare provider.

You can definitely make money by opening a daycare if you do your homework and stay determined to make it a profitable business.

Source by Doug Quinn

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