Learn How to Track Who Opens Your Marketing Emails and Newsletters

Learn How to Track Who Opens Your Marketing Emails and Newsletters

by Jason

Email tracking and newsletter tracking has always been a problem for internet marketers who use their own autoresponder on their web server, or send out email newsletters manually from a desk top program.

The only way to get email marketing tracking data such as how many of your newsletters or emails are being opened, and which of your subscribers are reading them, has only been possible if you use an email service provider (or autoresponder service) which charges a monthly fee, or to use an expensive email tracking system software on your web server which includes the scripting to do it.

Anyone who has done a search to try to find a cheap alternative on how to track an email will know this to be true.

The trouble is of all the data you can get from your email campaigns or newsletters, knowing how many of them were opened (read) and who opened them are the most valuable. Even conversions are a product of the openings, not the other way round.

If you send out 1000 emails and only 10 are read, you would need do something about it. If you do not know how many are opened you would not be in a position to make those needed changes.

If you could tell how many are opened you could use several different titles in your next email campaign and track which gets the best opening rate.

What if you could tell which of your subscribers are opening and reading your emails, and which are ignoring or trashing them.

You could start targeting your true 'fans' with a more personal touch, or give a special offer and try to lead them to a conversion somewhere.

It's easy to see why the more established professional internet marketers take the plunge with a monthly fee autoresponder service provider. These fees however can run over $ 250 per year, leaving them unattainable for many, particularly the start ups and low traffic web sites.

Beside, many web site owners prefer to have total control of their web sites by doing all these site mechanics themselves, including autoresponders, surveys, affiliate programs, banner management etc. The list goes on.

Handing over any of these functions to a third party means handing over control of some aspects of your web site. Your subscriber list is a pretty valuable asset to hand over to a 'someone', especially when the service provider reserves the right to start telling you who you can and can not email to.

It's done to protect the public from spam, which should of course be encouraged, however it also traps legitimate email as well, and some have been known to get banned over legitimate mailings.

The answer of course is to run your own autoresponder and track your own email campaigns and newsletters. There would be no monthly fees and no one to tell you who you can or can not email to.

You can find out exactly how to set up an email tracker including, if you need it, an autoresponder, at site-mechanic.com, or click on the link in the resource box associated with this article.

As a minimum you'll need to know how to do a little bit of HTML, which if you're an internet marketer you should know, how to perform simple edits to a php file and have ftp access to your web server.

Source by Frank Shinter

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