Keys To Choosing A Network Marketing Company

Keys To Choosing A Network Marketing Company

by Jason

Are you scratching you head asking yourself, "how on earth do you choose the right Network Marketing company to work with?" There are now thousands of different network marketing companies, with millions of distributors worldwide telling you that their opportunity is "the best ."

In order to make things easier for you, I will share some important tips to consider when evaluating different home based business opportunities. Hopefully, this will help you chose which company is the best "fit" for you.


Ask yourself these questions about the Founders

– Do the founders of the company have prior experience in this industry? If so, have they been successful?

– Do the founders have a long term vision for the company?

– Are they down to earth people without any bloated egos?

– Do they really care about their reps? Are they "approachable?"

– Do they come from a past that is clean and virtuous? Do they follow business ethics?

Training & Mentoring:

This is an area in which I believe most people "miss the mark", and I believe is THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect to consider. I certainly missed it when I first started my network marketing career. I failed miserably in other mlm's due to poor and ineffective training and mentorship. Many mlm companies and their associates may be effective at "reeling you in," but are they gonna stand by you and train you properly? Is your up line or mentor going to encourage your self development and growth? When the road gets rocky, the walls start tumbling down, and you become discouraged, will your sponsor be there to encourage you to hold your head up high, maintain your vision and keep pushing forward? The right mentor will empower you and inspire you in ways you never imagined possible.


Community is key for any type of business. In the network marketing arena, this is especially important for many reasons. Connecting with, and developing relationships with team members, up line support, the CEO and the founders of the network marketing company is perhaps the most important. It creates a "family" atmosphere. It provides a place to pose questions, encourage one another and to discover tips and tricks from marketers who knows "what works" and what does not work. Some of the best online communities for network marketers include:

  • Better Networker
  • Forums
  • Facebook Team Groups
  • Facebook Mastermind Groups

Other things to consider when choosing a home business opportunity are product, compensation plan, placement in the company, as well how technological savvy they are.

Regardless of which network marketing company you decide to align yourself with, everyone MUST do their "homework" and make a decision based on these Keys to choosing a network marketing company that is suitable for them.

One last "tidbit" that may help you …

Network Marketing is based on the principle of giving first. You`ll find that when your goal is centered around giving into the lives of others, it releases a fire to your passion and sustenance that enables you to remain unstoppable and relentless, during challenging and tumultuous times.

Source by Anne Theriault

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