If your Apple earphones always fall out, this is for you

by Jason
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Last year, Apple put out an iPhone without a headphone jack the first volley in its ongoing War on Apertures and, suffice to say, it was not the brands most popular decision.

But, life goes on, and whether you own AirPods (the newer, wireless earphones) or remain a proud, EarPod-wearing member of the resistance, they generally sound and look pretty good.

There are, however, a couple issues with Apple’s in-ear headphones: they arent always comfortable and they have a tendency to fall out. While we cannot convince the folks in Cupertino to chill out about headphone jacks, we do have an easy fix for those fit issues: Earhoox 2.0 for Apple EarPods & AirPods.

These silicone attachments hook onto your EarPods or AirPods and keep them comfortably in your ears whether youre biking, skateboarding, or just dancing around your apartment like a crazy person.

This Earhoox 2-pack includes one large pair and one small pair so they should fit ears of most sizes (and youll have an extra to give out to a friend with differently sized ears).

Earhoox normally costs $19.98, but you can get them for just $14.99, a savings of 24 percent.

Buy them here.

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