Identifying Prospects For Multi-Channel Marketing

Identifying Prospects For Multi-Channel Marketing

by Jason

The complexities of multi-channel marketing can be daunting with the number of variables a marketer must manage, but for many companies, a multiple channel strategy leads to significant profit growth. This article will provide you with information about identifying prospects for multi-channel marketing and achieving results.

Who is a good prospect for multi-channel marketing? In the ever-evolving world of marketing, many service providers struggle to understand who an ideal prospect is. While there are no hard and fast rules that determine what type of client will receive benefit from a multi-channel approach, there are a number of criteria that do help ensure success.

Client profiles can vary, but the following criteria will help to ensure you are targeting prospects who will most likely benefit from your services:

1. Look inside your own database for multi-channel marketing prospects. The greatest opportunities are generally those clients that you have an existing relationship with. If you have been providing them other services you probably have trust and credibility within the organization. Leverage your relationship to get the right people (see point two).

2. Seek multi-channel marketing prospects. This type of marketing approach requires a more strategic level of thinking. For this reason, you should present this to someone who deals with client acquisition, client loyalty, or sales revenue in your target account. Many of these contacts will be particularly interested in how a multi-channel approach can deliver greater ROI. In addition, many of these contacts will be interested in how this type of marketing can provide real time data through an interface like the campaign dashboard. Sell ​​this as a tool to help their business, not an add-on to a print job.

3. High ticket transactions. Look for prospects who sell a product or service that has a high lifetime value or a large purchase price. Often it is easier to build an ROI model for those companies that have a product or service that has high value. If you approach prospects with lower transactions, then success is predicated on much higher rates of response. Identify companies that are willing to invest in client loyalty or lead generation.

4. Utilize some type of CRM (client relationship management software). Many times the best prospects are those that have some type of existing client data. This can be sophisticated enterprise database programs like Oracle or SAP, or as simple as something like SalesForce, Microsoft Access, or QuickBooks. Often the most successful campaigns are those that are developed to help a client grow their existing business. The starting point for success is the client's internal data.

5. Identify Trackaholics. Seek out companies that are consistently looking for ways to improve their internal process or increase their return on investment are key prospects. You may be able to recognize this in your existing clients by asking them if they have process improvement programs or total quality management programs. This may also present itself in the form of reports or performance metrics that you see in your client's office. If your client is one who regularly measures performance, then multi-channel marketing is a natural fit.

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