I Love Making Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

I Love Making Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

by Jason

Affiliate marketing is like being a spokesperson on TV. You tell the audience that you have a solution to their problem – pure and simple. Then you cash the checks since you will be making money online!

Affiliate marketing and making money is not hard, but it like a job if you do it well and you do it often. But would not you rather make money online doing something you love, than go to bed every night knowing you had to get dressed and go to a job from 9:00 to 5:00 that you hated? Well, let me think – a big YES!

So, how do you make money online with affiliate marketing? You promote other people's products. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of websites where you sign up to promote a product. They give you a link. The easiest market is called Clickbank market, since it is so easy to sign up and get a link with your name in it. Then you set up a free website, at Blogger.com, Squidoo.com or the many other free sites online, and talk about the problem someone is having and then your link is to the name of a product that is the solution to the problem for which they are searching.

Here's an example. Say, you see a market for health products, in particular, someone has dandruff. Okay, then find the product for dandruff. Write all you know about dandruff on your website. This is called "content." Then at the end of all the problems and symptoms people experience with dandruff, you want to make their life easier. You somewhere list the link for the dandruff shampoo that will cure their dandruff. Simple – that is affiliate marketing.

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