How to Use Facebook to Help Your Network Marketing Strategies

How to Use Facebook to Help Your Network Marketing Strategies

by Jason

A few facts about Facebook to start things off. Facebook generates roughly 800 billion plus page views per month. Over 200 million people across the globe get onto Facebook just through their mobile devices each and every day.

If you had a website, which would cost you money to build and maintain, believe me, anyone would love to have that much traffic coming to their site! I know I would!

Sadly, most Network Marketers, especially those new to the industry, have no idea and are not educated properly on how to best leverage the free factor of Facebook! Believe me when I say that overuse of the constant sales pitch turns more people off than it ever turns people on.

Yes, there are many different ways to search for prospects or customers on Facebook, and it's free and gets millions or billions of hits every single day. It should be no surprise that it is in fact a Network Marketer's dream. When done properly. Let me offer the following because I know that these suggestions work.

1. People buy your why, not your sales pitch. Overdone sales pitches on Facebook seem to run rampant. If you have 1000 friends on Facebook, and post 25 times a day about how great your product company or service is, guess what, all 1000 know what you are doing and those who WANT to participate already have. For the rest of them, it's "white noise" and, to be honest, it's probably annoying to them.

2. It's called Social Media for a reason. Be social. Do not sell.

3. Look for and add people in your target market on Facebook. Do not just send a friend request and expect them to be reading your 25 posts a day and just jump on board. See point number 2. Be social and add a message with your request such as "Glad you enjoy Robert Kiyosaki as do I. I look forward to knowing you." Start a relationship, not a sales pitch.

4. Chat with them from time to time and discover their why, and also provide them with yours as to why they are into the same types of things you are (Network Marketing, Personal Development, Networking, whatever the case might be).

5. When the time may be right, and you will know because they will start asking more in depth questions about your why, and why you chose the company or opportunity that you chose in Network Marketing, call them. Tell them you prefer to connect personally if at all possible and you find Facebook to be a bit impersonal. Some opportunities, such as weight loss or body image products, are VERY personal issues to everyone. Texting, emails and Facebook messages and chats are reliably impersonal. Remember that as you move forward with your prospects.

6. Talk about your why, and there's a buy in and understanding on their part, only then do you invite them to see your full set of marketing tools either in person at a presentation or at a minimum online. Keep them on the phone if it's done over the internet so they feel a personal connection while investigating the opportunity online. Please, do not ask "what did you think?" Ask "what did you like best?" Then run with what stuck them as awesome in your conversations!

7. At the end of the conversation, and remember you have done a lot of leg work up to this point creating a relationship between you, it may just be the time to try and close them on your opportunity and, if they have no interest , move on to the next person. A small caveat, remember that they may still be circling the wagons, and do not just drop them as dead weight altogether. But, moving on and running the next prospect through the entire Social Media funnel as described simply moves you on to another prospect. Just do not forget those who might still be somewhere in the funnel. They said no now, but they could be sitting back and watching you operate before they make the full commitment to becoming your business partner.

8. Last but not least, you will get a lot of people who tell you no. But remember, every no is one step closer to a yes, plus you will have been refining your skills as you move along in your Network Marketing career. Finally, do not take those relationships you have built for granted, even if they have told you they are not interested at this time. Keep in contact, because you never know when another opportunity might come along and you can partner with someone with what you have built a relationship with in the past. In Network Marketing, it's sometimes really is all about the list!

Now go do good things!

Source by Mark Powell

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