How to Use E-Books and Affiliate Programs

How to Use E-Books and Affiliate Programs

by Jason

There are some e-books that lend themselves to well to affiliate programs. The affiliate can brand your e-book with their very own affiliate links. A reader may click on one of the links and then the affiliate makes a sale. They then get paid for the sale and you get extra traffic to your site as a result of the sale.

Give clear concise instructions to your recipients. Include a call to action in your copy. The instructions should be crystal clear so that the recipients are not in any doubt as to what to do next. Do not make assumptions that they are going to know from your text what to do. Do not go adding lots of links everywhere as that will confuse them even more. Remember, keep it simple.

Try to follow the keep it simple stupid (KISS) principle. It has been proved that a visitor will only look at your page for about seven seconds before deciding whether to move on or take action. If they can not figure out what to do they will exit pretty quickly and you will not only have lost a sale, but a potential customer also. So try to convey your message properly to the reader.

As soon as you know you have an e-book which is of value to an affiliate program, go ahead and approach them with your thoughts. Hopefully it will be of benefit to both of you. There are many sites around which have affiliate programs and are only too willing to take your e-book. You may find there is a small charge for you to be included in their directory. You should not turn this down as it is possible you will make more than enough money from your e-book sales to cover any sign-up fees.

There will be refunds. You can not please everyone unfortunately. There is not a lot you can do if this happens unless you control the product yourself. Generally an affiliate company may refund the customer so that you do not incur charge back fees.

The great thing about the affiliate method is that your affiliates will promote your product or site for free. You do not pay them a single penny until they make a sale. They get a proportion and the rest comes to you. It's a win, win situation for everyone concerned.

Another benefit is that even if the customer does not purchase anything, you are still getting targeted traffic to your website. There is every chance they will sign up for your newsletter or browse around for any other products they may find of interest.

If you have hundreds of sites linking to yours because of your affiliate program, your website will move higher up the search engine rankings. This again results in more targeted traffic for you.

As you can tell, viral e-book marketing is a powerful technique. It joins both targeted subscribers and customers to your business. Before long you will see that this method can bring increased referrals, sales and subscribers.

Source by Paul Roger Barnett

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