How to Make Your Neighbors Jealous: 3 Tips to Dominate Your Landscaping

How to Make Your Neighbors Jealous: 3 Tips to Dominate Your Landscaping

by Jason

Making your neighbors jealous of your beautiful front and backyard by implementing these powerful three tips to improve your landscaping. Having a beautiful lawn is a strong indicator of success and you can be the talk of the town without having to spend a fortune. In fact, some of these tips will even help you save money!

First, replace all of your old, ugly incandescent outdoor lighting with attractive solar accent lights. Modern solar technology has improved drastically over the years and now you’re able to have automatic lighting every night that’s cost effective, adds nothing to your electricity bill, and requires a fraction of the maintenance of conventional lighting.

Create your own secret garden in your backyard as a place to escape the hectic lifestyle of our modern lifestyle. Find solace in your retreat with comfortable seating, a birdbath or gurgling fountain, and privacy bushes that enable you to forget about the hustle and bustle of everyday commitments.

Lastly, use exotic plant species to make your lawn stand out. Choose species that don’t spread rapidly, but Japanese trees that can be formed into enormous bonsai plants add a particular flair to your yard. Plants that you normally don’t see around in your neighborhood will surely turn heads and make your neighbors envious of your landscape design skills.

These strategies will make your yard stand out from the monotony of suburbia and don’t require a huge financial investment. Solar lights will actually save you money! If you’re unsure about what type of solar light to buy, consider using a LED light buying guide that will help you choose how many LED’s you’ll need in your lighting product.

Have fun remodeling your yard to dominate your neighbor!

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