How to Make Serious Money With Email

How to Make Serious Money With Email

by Jason

You've probably heard it said a thousand times, "the key is in having a good list". A good list will bring you more traffic and increase your income significantly. But unfortunately, many people do not know how to build a list. And others wonder whether it is actually possible in today's Cann-Spam environment. Well, it IS possible and you do not need to resort to tricks, schemes, or scams. It's all about doing your homework and consistently following the basics, over and over again.

Before starting any online venture, especially one with an email marketing program, you must set clear, realistic goals. Failure to have a precise realistic objective is a frequent cause of online failure. Some people think that they can put up a website and then just sit back and make tons of money. When it does not happen, they get discouraged and quit. Make sure your goals are realistic.

To build a good responsive list, you have to develop a long lasting, healthy relationship with your subscribers. You do this by sending them plenty of free stuff and good, high quality information. By doing this, your subscribers will open and read your mails.

Typically, send out emails that talk about the benefits of products that you are promoting. But never use hard sell tactics as this will only turn people off people and increase the number of people who unsubscribe. Use an easy soft sell approach when recommending products. Word your email like you would if you were talking to a trusted friend.

Another problem in getting your emails to your subscribers is the sophistication of spam filters. Certain words found in the subject line and body of your email will cause these filters to reject your message and place in a junk file. These emails will never even be seen by your subscribers. To get around these filters, you can use software to eliminate or mask these trigger words. So get working on that list, and make some money!

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