How to Make Money With the Least Effort

by Jason

Have you ever wondered how some people can seem so productive without apparently even trying? What about those people who seem to know how to make money appear out of thin air? Behind all of this, there seems to be a general attitude of success.

In fact, the attitude of success is exactly what is bringing them success. This is a secret that has been known to the select few since at least the Middle Ages.

If you have heard of alchemy, you have probably heard that the goal was turning lead into gold. While it’s true that it is impossible to turn one metal into another without a supercollider, figuratively speaking, it’s completely possible.

The first commonly accepted axiom of alchemy is that in order tohow to make money gold, you have to start with at least a little gold. This teaching was misunderstood by many people, which led to the process of electroplating. Let’s look at it figuratively.

Let’s substitute the word gold for the word success and apply it to your attitude. You would then be saying that in order to create success, you have to start with at least a little success. In your attitude, to create an unflappable “can-do” attitude, you have to start with focusing on the concept of “can-do.”

Then, by constantly focusing on this line of thinking, constantly believing you can do something, you change belief into certainty. Faith in your abilities becomes certainty in your abilities.

In case you’re wondering what exactly the difference between faith and certainty is, let’s look at them etymologically. Faith, by its definition, is belief in something you’re unsure of. Certainty is knowledge of something that you are sure of. The differences between being unsure and sure, belief and knowledge are the keys to making this process work.

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