How To Make Affiliate Sales In 15 Minutes

How To Make Affiliate Sales In 15 Minutes

by Jason

If you are one of the 98.6% of affiliate members that

never make one cent from affiliate sales or make small

$5.00, $10.00 commissions, then this article is for

you. Even if you are making nice checks, this will

interest you.

You really can start to make affiliate sales in 15

minutes with Google Adwords.

Your ads will start appearing with 15 minutes for the

keywords you have selected. If this has you scratching

your head :o) I don’t blame you. I was totally new to

AdWords until I read about Chris Carpenter’s experience

in making $3,405 with just one ad in his very good ebook

You know those ads on the right side of the page of

Google’s search page? Well those are Adwords. You pay

per click with the minimum at .05, which is less

than Overture’s .10 PPC. Placement of your ad is based

on two factors, the Cost Per Click and your ad’s Click

Through Rate (CTR).

I have set my maximum CPC to .06 and the daily budget

$5.00 until I see that the keywords I’ve selected are

working and the affiliate program is making sales. To

cut through a lot of learning curve you should find a

niche keyword with Good Key Words or Word Tracker.

The first is free and the second has a free trial. You can

Also get some high paying Adword keywords (some

Keywords pay $up to $80 per click!

The other is a software tool, Adword Analyzer.

It will find a list of related keywords, the number of

searches per keyword and the number of advertising campaigns

per keyword. Boy, do I love this software! I enter a

keyword, say, mortgage, and it gives me all of the

above in minutes. So you can find high traffic search

terms that no one is buying Google AdWords for.

Another use is to identify niches that are too

competitive to enter. As you can imagine it will save

money, time and most importantly find the search terms

that you line up an affiliate for and start making

money in minutes.

You see, that is the very essence of success with any affiliate

program, finding a product that is hot, has little or no competition

and developing an ad campaign for it.

The strategy that I use now is to find high paying keywords, buy a

domain name with that keyword in it, create a simple landing page,

add three Google AdSense ads (they allow up to three per page and don’t

forget to create AdSense channels for tracking) then I optimize the page

with the keyword in the title, spread throughout the body (top, middle and bottom),

add articles for content to other pages and create a new AdWords campaign

to get some traffic started.

Then I will either buy or request reciprocal links from high relevant websites

With PR4 and above. You buy links with PR5 and above for a reasonable amount.

Do a search for Then watch my AdSense income build!

Google loves relevant content on your site or sites linking to it.

Another way to get listed in the top 10 or Google is writing articles. This is

another article coming soon!

With Google AdWords you can get click-throughs within

minutes and if targeted to the right prospect, sales

in minutes.

Source by Dan Farrell

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