How to Get Started in Affiliate Marketing and Earn Money Online

How to Get Started in Affiliate Marketing and Earn Money Online

by Jason

Affiliate marketing is the best method to earn money online today. Without a doubt, there is still tons of money to be made using this method and the cream on top of it all is that you really do not need any money to get started in affiliate marketing!

The Basic and FREE tools you will need:

  1. A computer
  2. An internet connection
  3. An idea or product to promote
  4. Time

The biggest hurdle that most people new to affiliate marketing must face is item # 3 – their idea or product to promote. They will spend days, even weeks surfing through all of the various affiliate vendor sites looking for the perfect product to promote. More days and weeks will go by as they research and develop their "sales" plan and promotion ideas. Before they know it, they will not have generated any revenue; yet will have already spent hundreds of hours on research and development of their "idea".

While this method is great and sometimes necessary – it's not how to get started in affiliate marketing . Not if you want and need to make money now! In a nutshell, this is why so many newbies to affiliate marketing start out all gung ho and then give up because they are not making any money online – only spending it – in many cases spending it on expensive "How to make money online fast" products!

In order to earn money online you need a plan. You need to set your goals realistically and follow through on them. Success will come to those who persevere and, (instead of studying, and researching, and studying some more) follow through! DO what you have been studying. DO what you have been researching! Procrastination is a killer!

Learn through doing, and see what can be achieved. Rinse and repeat. As time goes on you will learn from both your successes and failures. You will know what to discard and what to keep.

Above all, DO NOT fall for the get rich quick schemes and the "gurus" who make outlandish promises. Remember the old saying; "If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is!"

Source by Anne Jamieson

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